Shopify Meetup Hong Kong Fall 2019

Building + Marketing Your Brand Globally and Showcasing Shopify AR

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

6:30pm - 9:30pm

WeWork Taikoo, 21/F City Plaza Phase 3

Join us at Shopify Meetup Hong Kong Fall 2019 to get the latest news and tips from Hong Kong’s ecommerce community!

In addition to networking with fellow ecommerce merchants, Shopify partners and professionals, this event also features:

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6:30 - 9:30pm, Wednesday 25th September 2019

Come test out the packed features in a live demo of Shopify AR for Bombol’s products!
See how AR brings your products to life, engages shoppers, and boosts consumer confidence.

Topic: How we built the Bombol brand from Hong Kong

Frustrated by the divide between functional-but-unappealing and sleek-yet-impractical baby products, the trio Paulina, Frédéric and Francesco, created their own vision of a baby chair that was simple, functional, and beautiful. Their Pop-Up Booster became an award winning global sensation.

Find out how they attracted attention and demand from scratch!

Speaker Bio

Frédéric has a Masters in Design from Domus Academy Milan (where he met Paulina), and has over 17 years’ experience creating products for top designers like Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni, and global brands such as Alessi, China Southern Airlines, Seiko and Levis.

Topic: Breaking into the Global Market

With cross-border ecommerce sales set to grow twice as fast as domestic sales (at 25% per year on average), now’s the best time to start planning your global ecommerce strategy. Reload’s digital marketing experts will be sharing actionable insights and tips for successfully breaking out to the global market for established businesses and emerging brands.

Speakers Bio

As the APAC Strategy Director, Michael is responsible for setting the overarching strategic direction for Reload's fast-growing Asian client base. Erica has over three years of experience working with clients in the Asia-Pacific whilst leading the Manila team as the Digital Marketing Team Lead for Reload Asia.

Topic: Updates from Shopify

As part of the International Growth team, Frankie is leading Shopify's expansion in Hong Kong and helping to inform Shopify's international product roadmap. Come speak with Frankie to learn more about Shopify in Hong Kong.



Reception & AR Shopping Experience Demo Session


Introduction by Wave Commerce


Frankie from Shopify


Frédéric from Bombol: How we built the Bombol brand from Hong Kong


Michael and Erica from Reload Media: Breaking into the Global Market


Networking session

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